• PVC Hexagonal, heavy duty design, assembled by means of adhesion & ultrasonic fusion

  • Material finished thickness consistently 1 mm, providing more rigidity, strength, longer life (min. operating life 20 years) & preservation of plate surface quality which is essential for efficient evacuation of settled sludge

  • Tube depth up to 3000 mm available - tube diameter 50mm - NB:Insufficient depth hinders laminar flow

  • Material inherently chemically UV stabilised - suitable for direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight

  • Material surface high gloss, with smooth glass-like finish to eliminate sludge fowling

  • Solidorg design ensures 82% utilisation of surface area, providing up to 15.55m2/m3 effective surface area

  • Opaque white colour is heat-deflecting, as opposed to black material which is heat absorbing causing brittleness, softening, distortion & premature roughening of the plate surface – Note: Materials used for bio-filtration are not suitable for sedimentation, as a result of biomass/sludge accumulation on the plate surface

  • Design, manufacture and supply of lamellae supporting structures available to suite specific requirements